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Let's help you prepare.

Here is a list of information required on the Top 100 entry form. Note: This is for preparation only and is NOT the official entry form!

The Top 100 Entry is divided into six parts...five for the main competition, and the sixth for the (optional) IDEA Awards. Once you start your entry, you will be able to move easily back and forth among the sections. 

PART 1: Entrant information

Business name, address, website URL (if you don't have a dedicated website, use a social media URL or other type of online profile where customers can find you), names of owner(s) and general manager, plus contact information for this entry.

PART 2: What you sell

  • Are  you a franchised dealer selling new vehicles and possibly pre-owned vehicles, and if so, what vehicle brands are you selling? Or, are you a non-franchised retailer selling pre-owned vehicles?
  • How many new and/or pre-owned units did you sell in calendar-year 2016? (Individual entry data will remain confidential, for judging purposes only, and will not be published.)
  • What major Parts, Accessory and Gear/Apparel/Helmet brands do you carry?

PART 3: Business data (operational information)

  • Year business was founded
  • Average number of employees in calendar-year 2016 (including full-time, part-time and seasonal/temporary), and average combined length of service for full-time employees
  • Store size, in square feet, for total facility, showroom, major departments, service; as well as total acreage
  • Estimated revenue by department as an estimated percentage of gross revenue (Individual entry data will remain confidential, for judging purposes only, and will not be published.)
  • How much of your 2016 estimated revenue was generated directly by online sales as a percentage of total revenue)? (Individual entry data will remain confidential, for judging purposes only, and will not be published.)
  • Customer demographics: male/female, and estimated average age of your current customer base
  • Days of operation
  • Did your business, in 2016, raise funds for charities, causes and related nonprofit endeavors, or did you provide indirect support for a nonprofit cause? What about rider advocacy?

PART 4: What makes you a Top 100 Dealer? (short essay)

First, you will be asked to enter your business mission statement or USP (unique selling proposition) and then describe your local market and customer base, including any special challenges, demographics, rural vs. urban, etc. The judges will evaluate your entry based on how well your business executes against and ultimately achieves the goals set forth in your own mission statement or USP. 


  • Describe your current customer base (riding lifestyles, ethnicities, rural/urban, economic factors in the region, etc.) 
  • Describe how you're trying to engage new customers/markets, and if you're not, why not.
  • Explain your customer service philosophy/goal, and provide an example of how you achieve it. You may wish to include CSI scores, any internal or third-party metrics, reviews, etc. to support this answer, although they are not required.
  • Describe your community outreach activities, and provide at least one example of how your business benefits your market.
  • Finally, describe how your business is an ambassador for the industry, the sport and the riding lifestyle.

PART 5: Show us your business! (images)

You are required to upload at least four (4) and no more than twelve (12) images. The first image, as you will see on the form, must be of high resolution (300 dpi minimum; no logos), as it is the image that would be used in awards galleries should your business be selected a winner. All subsequent images can be of high or medium resolution. You also have the option of uploading a short (60-120 second) video. 

PART 6: Top 100 IDEA Awards (optional)

While all parts of the main Top 100 competition above are mandatory, the IDEA Awards available in Part 6 are optional. If you choose not to enter an IDEA Award category, you can scroll past the IDEA Awards section to get to the submission area. Entrants may compete for one or more award categories by submitting a short essay and, if desired, a supporting image or, in some cases, a brief video. IDEA Award submissions do not affect judging scores on the core Top 100 application.

IDEA Award categories are as follows:

  • Accessories/Apparel Department
  • Display
  • Event
  • Exterior
  • Parts/Service
  • Promotion
  • Sales Approach
  • Team Incentive

Each award requires you to submit a short text answer and upload a supporting image, file (such as a PDF, Excel, Word or PPT file), or even a short video. NOTE: The Sales Approach IDEA Award competition requires entrants to upload a 60-120 second walkaround video.

We'll be posting questions and answers on a special Top 100 forum of the Dealernews INSIDER website. All INSIDER Premium account holders will be able to access this forum, post questions and receive answers. (Not an INSIDER yet? Top 100 eligible entrants qualify for a free INSIDER Premium account. Visit https://dealernews-site.ym.com for more information.)