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When is the entry deadline?
The UPDATED entry deadline is 11:59 p.m. (Pacific) May 31, 2017. Due to the large number of entries that have been started but not yet finalized, and due to the number of requests for additional time, the owners at Dealernews are providing this entry deadline extension.

Can we submit one entry for all of the locations in our Dealer group?
Top 100 requires one entry per retail location, so you would need to submit entries specific to each address. However, you can use your single sign-in (username/password) to create multiple entries for multiple retail locations.

How can we compete, now that Dealernews is owned and governed by Dealers who may have a vested interest?
The owner Dealers of Dealernews, as well as the Dealers who are on the current advisory board, have removed their businesses from this year's competition. These include longtime winning dealerships such as A.D. Farrow Harley-Davidson, Killeen Power Sports and Dothan Powersports. They will not be entering Top 100. (See Rules)

We're a small operation. How can we even hope to compete with the big dealerships?
The beauty of the Top 100 is that your entry is evaluated based on how well you demonstrate achievement and execution of your own business Mission Statement or USP, so you are competing against the goal(s) YOU establish for YOUR OWN business in YOUR OWN target market, not the goals of other dealerships. 

So, why do we need to include estimated sales volume and other financials? And are you going to publish these numbers?
Estimated number of new/used units sold and other quantitative information give the judges a "snapshot" of the scope of your business so they can evaluate your entries accordingly. Regarding publication, be advised that Dealernews does not publicly reveal individual entry financial data, but we may present certain stats generated from competition-wide data (for example, the number of new units sold by all Top 100 Dealers, or the average square footage of a showroom across all entries).

How is my entry judged?
We select dozens of experts from the powersports industry, general retail, techical/service, marketing and promotion, business management and other disciplines to review and evaluate the Top 100 entries. All are knowledgable and expert in their respective fields. Each entry is reviewed by multiple judges and their scores are averaged. The "top 100" scoring entries are named the Top 100 Dealers for the year, and the top-scoring entrant becomes the Top 100 Dealer of the Year.

Text, images, even video - how fancy do we have to get to impress the judges?
Keep in mind that the judges are veterans in their respective fields.They want to be impressed by how you run your business and engage with your customers, not by how sophisticated or fancy your entry materials are. However, we have a few tips on the PREP sheet (click on menu above) that should help you.

Are the IDEA Awards mandatory?
The new IDEA Awards will honor the best IDEAS in a number of specific categories - including a video submission for best sales pitch! The IDEA Awards are optional; however, entering the IDEA Awards is a great way of showing off a specific achievement and perhaps recognizing a specific staff member or team.

There are a fair number of questions to answer. Any tips for how to get this done a little more easily?
Yes! We've compiled a few tips from past winners. Here they are:

  1. DIVIDE and CONQUER! Make it a team exercise and assign questions, offline, to employees.Then, compile all of the answers, edit as needed, and upload your answers to this site. 
  2. Start your entry now, and work on it over the entry period. Remember, you have until 11:59 p.m. Feb. 26 to submit, so you can log in, start your entry and work on it at your leisure (clicking "SAVE" as you go). Then, when you're ready, click "SAVE AND FINALIZE," and you're done!
  3. Review the PREP SHEET (see menu, above), and then work on gathering the materials first. It's easier and faster to compile your materials and your answers offline, and then copy/paste your answers into the answer fields and upload your supporting files when you're ready.
  4. No one at the store to do this? Ask a family member or a local student to help you - interns are always looking for project experience.

Yikes! I clicked "SAVE AND FINALIZE" when I just meant to click "SAVE"! We're not done! What can we do?
Don't worry! Contact the competition administrator for assistance at editors@dealernews.com.

Can I get a copy of our entry?
Yes, this website enables you to download a PDF of your entry when you're done, and we strongly encourage you to do so - not only for your reference in the competition, but also to use for other projects you may have throughout the year (devising new marketing plans, presenting to local officials, etc.).

We entered in a previous year. Can I get a copy of that entry, too?
Sorry, entries from previous years are not available.

Where can I get more tips and answers to my questions?
The Top 100 Forum on the Dealernews INSIDER site will be our headquarters for questions and answers, and will continue to provide tips for making Top 100 a positive, fun and enlightening experience for you and your team. (Not an INSIDER yet? You may qualify for a free Premium subscription, which gives you access to the INSIDER retailer community and premium content on Dealernews.com, as well as a subscription to the DealerNEWS ALERT. Check it out at https://dealernews.site-ym.com

Do I need to be a Dealernews INSIDER to enter?
No, and you don't need your INSIDER credentials to access this form. (But with all of the benefits an INSIDER Premium account offers you, for free, why wouldn't you be?)

If you need further assistance, email us (editors@dealernews.com) and we'll be happy to help you, or call 740-965-7989.

To view the Official Rules for 2016, click on RULES on the top menu.